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west africa


enoov Associates is an international business development and financing consultancy, primarily focused on the West African markets.

West African countries cover an area of 5 million square kilometres, have an estimated total population of 362 million and a combined nominal GDP of 752 billion dollars, in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms. The region is multi-ethnic, culturally diverse and has one of the largest youth population in the world. The region is rich in untapped resources and offers huge growth opportunities for foreign investors.

enoov Associates is well-versed on the operational and cultural aspects of the West African markets. We have been instrumental in making introductions and subsequently securing deals in the region for a number of small and medium sized foreign investors. We advise potential investors in the region on trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows and risk management. We advise on the legal, financial and cultural hurdles potential investors face and troubleshoot throughout the business development process to help ensure an efficient and profitable outcome.